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Irish Claddagh Rings

Originally, the Claddagh ring was the traditional Irish wedding ring which originated from the fishing village of Claddagh just outside the City walls of Galway. Nowadays, it is famous throughout The World as the symbol of love, friendship and loyalty, represented by the heart, hands and crown of the Claddagh. All of our featured Claddagh jewelry is handmade in Ireland and hallmarked at Dublin Castle.

Steeped in the tradition and legends of Galway, the ancient 'City of the Tribes', this unique ring has come to be renowned as a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty.


The legendary story tells of how a fishing boat from a Galway village was captured by pirates and the crew taken and sold as slaves. One of the crew, Richard Joyce, (who was due to be married that very week) was sold to a Moorish Goldsmith. During his years in captivity he never forgot his love back home and so he made a ring of gold for her which today is known as the Claddagh ring and is famous the world over.

How To Wear It

One of the reasons this special ring is loved throughout the world is because of the many meanings it carries. How the ring is worn tells a story about the person wearing it:

  • When worn on the right hand, the crown turned inwards, and the world may see the heart is yet unoccupied.
  • Worn on the ring on the right hand, the crown turned outwards, it is clear that a love is being considered.
  • But when the Irish Claddagh ring is worn on the left hand, the crown outwards, the two loves have become inseparable.

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