In Ireland, we like to consider ourselves modern Europeans with liberal attitudes and a progressive society. However, although the Irish clergy has been rocked by scandal and church attendance has plummeted in recent years, we are still fundamentally a conservative Catholic county at heart. With one of the highest rates of matrimony in Europe, this is especially true when it comes to matters of marriage.

The union of marriage and the associated celebration is still practiced with the enthusiasm of times past. In fact, The Big Day has probably become more elaborate over time. During The Celtic Tiger years, Irish wedding spend reached new heights in terms of excess with one now-bankrupt developer reportedly spending €1.5 million Euro on his wedding celebration, by hiring the Christina O, the yacht once owned by Aristotle Onassis. Although there is now less money around, expectations are still high when it comes to the wedding reception with couples expecting to spend between €15 – €20,000 Euro on average.

Couples sometimes forget to factor in the price of their wedding jewelry including the wedding rings and with the steep rise in the price of both platinum and gold in recent years, the cost can be significant. Here at, we have noticed that the Claddagh ring has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity as a traditional choice of wedding ring. With modern styles and a choice of precious metals, brides are not limited to the plain Claddagh that their grandmother would have worn. The famous Irish symbol of Love, Friendship and Loyalty lives on.


All you need to know for an Irish wedding.

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