When you see a Celtic ring, the first thing that comes to your mind is likely Ireland. Its huge popularity has crossed borders and are highly sought after in many countries, including the US. Many couples want a unique twist on the common plain wedding ring sets. If you and your partner are like this, you’re probably looking for an unusual ring with a special symbolism attached to it. Celtic wedding rings are a perfect fit for your wedding ring set. Read on to learn enough about these rings before purchasing yours.

What Are Celtic Rings And Types?

Celtic rings originated in Ireland and typically featured Celtic knots or the ever-famous Claddagh. Now, let’s take a look at the different Celtic wedding ring styles to aid your choice.

Claddagh Ring

If you’re familiar with Irish jewelry, you’ve probably seen this ring before. It features a heart-shaped center stone with two hands serving as an accent and a crown on top of the gemstone and hands.


Trinity knot

 This stunning knot features three arcs intertwined together and facing outward in a triangular shape. The Celts attached to it the symbolism of life, death, and rebirth. Whereas Christians believe the Trinity knot represents the Holy Trinity.

The controversies surrounding the symbolism of this ring only give you and your partner the chance to attach your meaning. 


Celtic Lovers’ Knot

As opposed to the antiquity of Celtic rings in general, the Celtic lovers’ knot is a relatively new style. This knot style is also referred to as the Anam Cara knot. What better wedding ring to get than one that encompasses tradition with a modern twist?


Irish Wedding Ring

You may have come across the classic Irish wedding ring featuring a shamrock motif as the center of attention. Well, the Celtic ring intertwines with it because, in most cases, the band of the Irish wedding ring features Celtic knots.



History Of Celtic Wedding Rings

It is widely believed that Celtic rings originated about 300 years ago in a small fishing village in Ireland called Claddagh. Most historians believe that the first ever Celtic ring is the Claddagh type. The stories, legends, and folklore surrounding the origin of the Claddagh Celtic ring don’t end there. There is a lot of wild mythology surrounding it. There is a popular claim that a huge eagle dropped the ring on the lap of a widow. 

Celtic rings currently make up a huge supply of the entire wedding rings supply in many parts of Europe.


Did the Celtics Use Wedding Rings?

In ancient times, the Celts viewed marriage as an equal contract between a man and a woman. That viewpoint opposed the widely held notion that a woman becomes a man’s property after their wedding. So, the Celts used wedding rings to symbolize that contract during a wedding festival or ceremony. So, yes, the Celts did use wedding rings, and the Celtic ring styles strengthened the connection between couples and Celtic tradition.


Building Your Celtic Wedding Ring

The first step in building your Celtic wedding ring is for you and your partner to decide on a preferred style. Next, you want to look at the following:

  • Band Style
  • Metal
  • Setting 

Band Style

The band, or shank, of your ring is the part that encircles your finger. As you know, most wedding bands feature simple designs. You could as well stick to the traditional bands if you want to tone down the glow of your Celtic wedding ring. Alternatively, you could get a small pavé band with multiple micro pavé or pavé diamonds or colored gemstones that sparkle brilliantly.


The classic metal used for forging Celtic wedding rings is sterling silver. As a result, the Celtic rings in most jewelry stores are made in sterling silver. That’s if you’re getting a premade ring, though. If you plan to build your wedding ring from scratch, you can get it made in mixed metals or gold. In the same manner, as with any other piece of jewelry, you can decide what karat suits you best.  Just make sure to check with a jewelry expert on whether or not your choice is feasible.



If you are going for the Claddagh version of the Celtic ring, you may not have to bother about the setting for the center stone. However, other Celtic ring styles may require you to make a suitable choice. For easy reference, these are some of the settings you can use for your Celtic wedding rings:

  • Solitaire ring setting
  • Halo ring setting
  • Bezel ring setting


Can Both Men and Women Wear Celtic Wedding Bands?

The simple answer is that you can wear Celtic wedding bands regardless of your gender.

In the same way that a couple wears plain wedding bands, Celtic wedding rings are worn by both men and women. In Ireland, Celtic rings are usually passed down from mother to daughter as a prized family heirloom. Whereas, in most cases, men get bespoke Celtic rings from a trusted jeweler.


How Should I Wear Celtic Wedding Rings?

The ring finger on your left hand is the typical place to wear Celtic wedding rings. This practice originated in ancient Egypt, where beauticians believed that the finger is connected to a vein that leads directly to the heart. This belief has long been proved wrong, but the romantic attachments still stand! Other than signifying marriage, a Celtic ring can show that you are single or in a relationship. When you are single, wear the ring on your right ring finger facing outside. Then you face it inwards when you are in a relationship.


How To Care For Your Celtic Wedding Rings

The process of cleaning and storing your Celtic rings is similar to how you’d do it for other jewelry. However, it depends on the metal, setting, and gemstone used in the Celtic ring.

  • Soak the ring in a mixture of water and mild dish soap for a few minutes.
  • Carefully clean the entire ring with a soft bristle brush.
  • Rinse your Celtic ring under running water. Make sure to close the sinkhole, so your ring doesn’t go down the drain.
  • Pat dry your Celtic wedding ring with a soft, fiber-free cloth.
  • Keep the ring wrapped in a soft cloth separate from other jewelry.


If you would like to spice up your wedding and introduce a bit of nobility, then getting Celtic rings are some of the things you should consider. Most of them carry ancient meanings and are crafted by the best smiths in the game. 

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