April Birthstone Claddagh Ring – Cubic Zirconia


Cubic Zirconia
The ancient Greeks and Romans who believed diamonds were tears of the Gods and splinters from falling stars. Then, there were the Hindus,
who attributed so much power to these precious stones they went so far as to place diamonds in the eyes of some of their statues.

Not only was it believed that diamonds could bring luck and success, but also that they could counter the effects of astrological events.
There were many that wore diamonds as charms believing in their ability to heighten sexual prowess and attract others.
Plato even wrote about diamonds as living beings, embodying celestial spirits.

The ring measures 10mm from the top of the crown to the tip of the heart and features crystal-encrusted shoulders to enhance the sparkle. Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland and hallmarked at the Assay office in Dublin Castle.