Gold in Ireland

Rare Irish gold is still mined in Ireland today

Is there gold in the rivers of County Wicklow? According to Gerry Stanley of the Geological Society of Ireland it would take you at least two years to collect enough gold to have a ring made – but it wasn’t always so. In September 1795 a 682 gram single nugget of gold, enough to make 100 rings, was found near […]

The Seven Wonders of Fore

The 7 Wonders of Fore

This hidden tourist destination in County Westmeath, Ireland is well worth a visit. The island of Ireland is packed full of wonderful places to visit. Of course most visitors do not venture off the beaten track, visiting the most popular attractions like the The Guinness Brewery, The Cliffs of Moher or the Blarney Stone. However, […]

The History of Claddagh and Galway City

Claddagh Village in the Old Days

The home of The Claddagh ring, Galway and the Fishing village of The Claddagh have changed much throughout the years but still retain the charm of times past. To take a stroll along the medieval streets of Galway down throught the Spanish Arch to the fishing village of Claddagh nestled by the banks of the […]