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Part of the joy of owning quality, meaningful silver and gold jewelry is knowing that it will be treasured by future generations. Pieces featuring Celtic symbols, Claddagh rings and a delicate representation of a piece of DNA are profoundly symbolic heirlooms to pass down. But of course, keeping them in perfect condition is important for yourself and future wearers. Celtic DNA jewelry is suitable for regular, everyday wear. It’s not high maintenance. It just needs a little attention to keep it stunning.


Storing Celtic Jewelry Safely

Necklaces should always be stored individually rather than mixed with other necklaces. This prevents them from tangling together. That’s more than annoying; it can cause scratching or other damage to your gold or silver necklaces. A jewelry box with individual compartments or their original gift boxes are ideal.

Earrings can also suffer damage if jumbled together. Your earrings will be safer in their original boxes or the section of your jewelry box designed for them. If you have an earring tree, this is a great way to keep them from tangling and also to see what your options are when you’re dressing. Just be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. Clean the posts of your earrings when you take them off.


How to Clean Gold and Silver Jewelry

Correct storage and regular wearing can minimize tarnish, but you will need to clean your gold and silver Celtic jewelry. Make sure whatever cleaning product you use is made specifically for the type of metal – gold or silver – that you are cleaning and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never, ever use ordinary household cleaners on your jewelry!

Use a soft, lint-free cloth with a smooth texture. Avoid anything with a rough texture. Don’t scrub your jewelry, Wipe it very gently. Remember, gold considered a soft metal. That means it can scratch very easily. The higher the karat, the purer the gold – and the softer and easier to damage. Silver is more robust but can still be damaged if not handled carefully during cleaning.



Avoiding Damage

Rings are the most vulnerable because we use our hands for so many tasks such as cleaning and gardening, but necklaces and earrings can also suffer harm while we are wearing them. It is safer to remove them for activities such as swimming, surfing or other water sports, showering and household cleaning.

Babies love to grab and pull shiny things, so for the safety of your jewelry (and your ears) avoid necklaces and opt for stud earrings when playing with infants. It’s helpful to have a safe spot for your jewelry in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in the house you are likely to remove it briefly for a task. A special box in a dry spot out of reach of children or pets is best.

With a little care, your silver and gold Celtic jewelry will stay stunning and shine on for generations. We have been awarded as one of the top-rated Celtic jewelry store by


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