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Claddagh Wedding Rings

For over 400 years the Claddagh wedding ring has been used as a traditional Irish wedding ring in the West of Ireland. The Claddagh has come to be known throughout The World as the Irish symbol for 'love, friendship and loyalty'.

History of the Irish Claddagh Wedding Ring

Claddagh is a small fishing village near Galway city in the West of Ireland. The story of this Irish wedding ring is as fascinating as the symbols on the ring. The original Claddagh ring was the centre of a great love story. The week Richard Joyce, of Galway was to be married his ship was captured by pirates. While in captivity he is said to have hand crafted a ring for the woman that he could not forget. In 1689 he was released. He returned to Claddagh and gave the Claddagh wedding ring to her and they were married. Learn more about the history of the Claddagh Ring.

The Claddagh Wedding Band Design:

The Irish Claddagh wedding ring has a distinct and elegant appearance. The ring has a design of a heart being encircled by a pair of delicate hands with a crown above the heart. Each element represents a human bond; the hands signify friendship, the crown loyalty, and the heart love. We offer a number of different styles of Irish Claddagh wedding rings for you to choose from.

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