Celebrate the valiant spirit of the Celts with our Celtic Warrior Jewelry collection, a tribute to the legendary heroes of yore. Inspired by the ancient Celtic ruins and the majestic Ardagh Chalice, each piece in this collection – from rings to necklaces, brooches to earrings – embodies the strength and courage of the Celtic warrior.

Our Celtic Warrior Ring and Celtic Warrior Wedding Bands are more than just jewelry; they’re a symbol of enduring love and bravery. Meticulously crafted and hallmarked in Ireland, each item in our collection boasts unique charm and character, designed to resonate with the spirit of the warrior in you.

For those who carry the Irish Warrior’s heart or cherish the intricate art of Celtic Love Rings, our range offers the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Choose from our selection at Claddaghrings.com and wear a piece of Celtic legend.


What is the Celtic Warrior Jewelry collection?

The Celtic Warrior Jewelry collection is a series of items inspired by the spirit of ancient Celtic warriors and motifs found on the Ardagh Chalice, an important Celtic artifact. The collection includes rings, necklaces, brooches, and earrings.

Who crafts the Celtic Warrior Jewelry Collection?

The Celtic Warrior Jewelry Collection is crafted by skilled goldsmiths based in Dublin, Ireland. Each piece is designed and made in Ireland, ensuring authentic and high-quality Celtic jewelry.

How is the Celtic Warrior Jewelry Collection inspired by the Ardagh Chalice?

The Ardagh Chalice is one of Ireland's greatest treasures and key artifacts from the eighth century known for its intricate Celtic artwork. The designs and motifs found in the Celtic Warrior Jewelry Collection mirror the beautiful craftsmanship observed in the Ardagh Chalice.

What types of jewelry are included in the Celtic Warrior Jewelry collection?

The Celtic Warrior Jewelry collection includes various types of jewelry, such as the Sterling Silver Court Shape Celtic Shield Wedding Band, Silver Celtic Sword Ring, Celtic Warrior Cross Necklace Medium Size, Celtic Warrior Shield Necklace, and much more.