Looking for Marcasite Celtic jewelry? Look no further than Claddaghrings.com. Marcasite is a charming natural stone which is comprised of crystals that are made up of silver and pyrite, which gives it a slight gold appearance. This stone was very popular in Victorian times and was often called ‘Ireland’s Diamond‘. We carry only the finest necklaces made in Ireland, each with its own unique charm and character. Plus, our prices are always more than fair,we also offer Free or Express shipping. Browse our products below.

Marcasite jewelry is a classic style of Irish jewelry as this natural and traditional crystal has been used in all sorts of jewelry to enhance it's sparkle at a lower cost than other precious and semi precious stones. This staple of Irish jewelry design has a distinctive look with it's gray golden shine. It's chemical make up is part silver and part pyrite which gives it it's unique character and Irish connection. Checkout our Claddagh rings, necklace and Trinity knots which take on a whole new look when Marcasite is featured alongside the sterling silver.

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