Mo Anam Cara Jewelry in silver and gold. Mo Anam Cara is Gaelic for ‘My Soul Mate‘. Browse rings, necklace and bangles with this inscription. This collect celebrates the true and deep connection when you know you have found the one and only person. We have designed and crafted these special pieces in silver and gold and engraved beautiful detailed text to mark your meaningful relationship. Browse the range and find your piece or match designs and we’ll ship them to you asap.


What does Mo Anam Cara mean in English?

In ancient Gaelic, the phrase 'Mo Anam Cara' means 'My Soul Mate' in English.

What do you make your Mo Anam Cara jewelry from?

We hand craft our Mo Anam Cara jewelry in sterling silver as well as 10K and 14K gold. Each and every piece carries the distinguished Assay mark from the Master Goldsmiths Association, based in Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland.

Are your Mo Anam Cara rings a suitable choice for all genders?

Yes, our range of Mo Anam Cara rings, including the ones crafted in gold or silver, are unisex - a stylish accessory for everyone.

What variety can consumers choose from in your Mo Anam Cara jewelry collection?

We offer a variety of Mo Anam Cara designs, such as rings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and more.

Could you specify the gold content in a typical gold Mo Anam Cara ring?

The rings from our collection are made of either 10K or 14K gold. The K denotes the purity of the gold used in each carefully crafted piece.

How can I purchase a piece of Mo Anam Cara jewelry from

Our large and dazzling collection can be browsed and bought directly from our online store.

Mo Anam Cara are an original and symbolic Irish celebration. These rings are often used promise and wedding rings. Many people who wear Mo Anam Cara jewelry range understand the deep and meaningful connection in their partner and want to crystalize it with these stunning pieces.