If you are interested, you may also request any of our Celtic engagement rings to be fashioned with other stones or mount only if you already have a stone to place into the mount. Upon request, we can provide any of our featured engagement rings without the diamond setting, or with a larger stone setting. If you would like a custom option, please feel free to share your vision when you contact us. Rest assured that CladdaghRings.com only sources diamonds from suppliers who guarantee all their diamonds to be conflict-free. Your engagement ring is one of the most significant statement pieces you’ll ever wear. It shines with the promise of a future built together, and it can also reflect the foundations you’ll build upon. If your roots stretch back to Ireland or Scotland, Celtic engagement rings can celebrate your past and the hopes you have for your future.

What makes Celtic engagement rings so special?

Their distinctive, meaningful motifs. Graceful, elegant and intricate, the designs featured on these rings are as symbolic as they are beautiful. Inspired by ancient carvings, the hallmark of Celtic art is the single unbroken line that forms the traditional Celtic knots. That line has no beginning or end because it represents eternity. A diamond or other gemstone set in a gorgeous Celtic design is absolutely stunning. These meaningful engagement rings look wonderful with either a Celtic wedding ring or a simple wedding band. The artistry and skill that goes into designing and making these striking, detailed rings truly sets them apart. Our Celtic engagement rings say more about you than the fact that you are now planning to marry. They make a statement about who you are, what your roots and your dreams are.

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