Enter a circle of history with our collection of Celtic Knot Wedding Rings, where each twist and turn is rich in the lore of ancient Ireland. These bands are more than symbols of unity; they are a collection of stories, reflecting the intricate carvings of ancestral gravestones and the sacred art of monastic scribes.

Our selection, ranging from the radiant charm of gold Celtic knot rings to the sophisticated sheen of white gold Celtic wedding bands, honors the enduring spirit of our Celtic culture. Opt for a gold Celtic wedding band and embrace the legacy of Irish craftsmanship on your finger.

Whether you’re captivated by the infinite paths of a Celtic knot wedding band or the deep tradition of a gold Celtic ring, let these symbols of eternity stand as a testament to your lasting bond. Eager to intertwine your stories? Choose a Celtic knot wedding ring that echoes your heritage and heart.

Celtic Knot Wedding Rings

Unisex Celtic Trinity Knot Ring


Celtic Knot Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Love Knot Ring


Celtic Knot Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Cross Wedding Ring


Celtic Knot Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Knot Wedding Ring



What are Celtic Knot Wedding Rings?

Celtic Knot Wedding Rings are beautifully handcrafted traditional Irish rings characterized by the integral design feature of the mystical Celtic Knot. These patterns of loops with no start or end symbolize eternity and the interconnected nature of life.

What's unique about these rings?

Inspired by ancient carvings found throughout Ireland and monastic traditions, these wedding ring designs capture the essence of Celtic culture. They are designed in Dublin, handcrafted by master jewelers, and hallmarked in the Dublin Castle's Assay Office, ensuring their authenticity.

What options are available within the Celtic Knot Wedding Rings collection?

The collection offers a wide variety of styles. From unisex Celtic Trinity Knot rings to contemporary designs, there's a unique piece fitting every preference. These elegant rings come in a range of materials, including Gold and Sterling Silver, and are available in both yellow and white gold options.

Can these rings be customized?

As these pieces are handcrafted, there is room for certain customizations. The website features a broad selection, and it's recommended to contact CladdaghRings.com with any specific customization requests to understand what's feasible.

What does shipping and delivery look like?

CladdaghRings.com offers four different shipping methods with varying costs and delivery times:

  • Free Shipping: 14–21 days, not trackable
  • Registered International Airmail: 8–13 days, extra charge of $15.00, trackable
  • Express Delivery: 6–7 days, extra charge of $40.00, trackable
  • International Shipping: Mandatory $10.00 charge for orders outside the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland, trackable

Please note that custom-made pieces may require up to 21 days for delivery.

How can I ensure the ring size is accurate?

Accurate ring sizing is crucial, especially for wedding rings. CladdaghRings.com provides a Ring Sizing guide on their website to assist customers in ensuring the best fit. It's advisable to double-check ring size before placing an order.

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