Forge a bond as enduring as history with our Celtic Shield Wedding Bands, where ancient art meets the sanctity of matrimony. Inspired by the masterful Ardagh Chalice, renowned for its eighth-century craftsmanship, each ring is a work of art cast in the finest 10k or 14k white or yellow gold.

These rings embody the spirit of Celtic warriors, a fusion of strength and beauty, with designs reflecting the chalice’s intricate filigree and the protective power of the Celtic shield. The Ardagh Chalice, a treasure of Ireland now residing at the National Museum, lends its famed design to our collection, allowing you to wear a piece of Irish legend.

Whether you’re drawn to the symbolism behind a Celtic warrior ring or the elegance of Celtic chalice jewelry, our bands are a testament to a rich heritage. Ready to entwine your tale with the legacy of Celtic warriors? Choose a band that echoes an age-old saga of love and fidelity.


Celtic Shield Wedding Rings

Gent’s Wide Celtic Warrior Ring


Celtic Shield Wedding Rings

Celtic Warrior Shield Ring, Medium Width



What is the Ardagh Chalice and how does it relate to the Celtic Shield Wedding Rings?

The Ardagh Chalice, discovered near Adare village in County Limerick, is an exquisite example of 8th century Irish metalwork. The Celtic Shield Wedding Rings draw their design inspiration from the intricate craftsmanship apparent on the Ardagh Chalice, making each ring a reflection of this historic Irish artifact.

What kind of gold is used in the Celtic Shield Wedding Rings?

The Celtic Shield Wedding Rings are cast in either hallmarked 10k or 14k gold. Customers can choose between white or yellow gold based on personal preference.

What messages are symbolized by the Celtic Shield Wedding rings?

The Celtic Shield symbol typically represents courage, protection, and faith. These values are the bedrock of many thriving relationships, making the Celtic Shield Wedding Rings a poignant representation of these traits in a matrimonial context.

Can I order a Unisex Narrow Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Band from the Celtic Shield Wedding Rings collection?

Absolutely, the collection includes a Unisex Narrow Celtic Warrior Shield Wedding Band. This band weaves in the Celtic Warrior and Celtic Shield motifs offering you a unique piece that's rich in Irish tradition and culture.

Does the design of the Celtic Shield Wedding ring have a historical background?

Yes, the design of each Celtic Shield Wedding Ring encircles a gold filigree band, a design choice largely influenced by the gold filigree band found on the Ardagh Chalice. This significant artifact is housed at the National Museum of Ireland, making each Celtic Shield Wedding Ring a wearable piece of Irish history.