Embrace the mystique of ancient Ireland with our Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings, echoing the timeless triskele or triple spiral seen in Ireland’s ancient stone carvings. These spirals, a mesmerizing presence at Newgrange, date back to 3,200 B.C., and now, they infuse our spiral wedding bands with meaning that transcends time.

Our collection, featuring both spiral gold rings and spiral engagement rings, is imbued with the symbolism of life’s cycles and the old tales of pagan gods and goddesses. The triple goddess, once symbolized by Brigid, whose legacy is so entwined with Irish identity that she became Saint Brigid, lends her transformative energy to our spiral Celtic designs.

Whether you’re drawn to the spiritual journey of a celtic spiral ring or the intricate dance of spiral rings gold, let these bands be a testament to your own story of life, love, and renewal. Ready to intertwine your history with the legends of old? Select a spiral wedding ring that resonates with your soul’s journey.

Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Spiral Wedding Ring


Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings

Newgrange Celtic Spiral Wedding Ring


Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Spiral Wedding Ring


Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Triscele Wedding Band


Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings

Celtic Triscele Wedding Band with Rims



What is the inspiration behind the design of the Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings?

The designs of the Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings are inspired by the spiral or triskele found in many of Ireland's megalithic monuments, notably in stone carvings at the Newgrange passage tomb which was built around 3200 BC.

What could the three spirals represent in Celtic mythology?

The interconnected spirals may symbolize the cycle of life, death, and rebirth in pagan fertility. Alternatively, it could represent the triple goddesses of Irish mythology, such as Brigid and her two sisters.

Are there variations in the Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings?

Yes, the site offers a variety of Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings in different designs and gold options. Some rings particularly highlight the Celtic Spiral design, while others incorporate it in a subtler way.

Are there Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings with textual inscriptions?

Yes, some Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings feature Ogham script. An example is the Unisex Two Tone Gold Celtic Cross Ring with Ogham Script. There's also the Unisex Two Tone Gold Gra Gael Mo Chroi or ""Love of My Heart"" Celtic Wedding Ring, adding a romantic touch to your ring.

What is the relevance of Saint Brigid and Saint Patrick to the Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings?

According to Irish mythology, Brigid was a revered goddess and along with her two sisters, they were known as triple goddesses. To integrate these pagan roots into Christianity, the goddess Brigid was transformed into Saint Brigid. In a similar matter, the Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings embody these pagan symbols and Christian traditions. Some argue that Saint Brigid has a stronger claim to be Ireland's patron saint than Saint Patrick.

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