Tie the knot with the elegance of Celtic tradition with our Celtic Weave Wedding Rings. Handcrafted in the heart of Dublin, these rings celebrate the fluid beauty of natural curves and the intricate artistry of Celtic weave. Each band, a harmonious blend of tradition and elegance, is more than a ring—it’s a symbol of intertwined destinies.

From the classic allure of Irish gold wedding rings to the unique charm of weaving rings, our collection is hallmarked at the esteemed Irish Assay Office, ensuring the excellence and purity of the metals. These rings are not just jewelry; they’re Irish wedding jewelry, a part of a storied legacy that will grace your special day.

Whether you’re looking for a weave ring, a Celtic weave ring, or full Irish bridal sets, our selection is a treasure trove of Celtic wedding products. Ready to begin your forever with a symbol of eternal love? Choose the perfect expression of your bond, woven into the very metal of our Celtic rings.


Celtic Weave Wedding Rings

Narrow Gold Celtic Weave Wedding Ring


Celtic Weave Wedding Rings

Gold Infinity Knot Celtic Wedding Band


Celtic Weave Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Weave Wedding Ring


Celtic Weave Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Weave Wedding Ring


Celtic Weave Wedding Rings

Two Tone Gold Celtic Weave Wedding Ring


Celtic Knot Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Knot Filigree Wedding Band


Celtic Weave Wedding Rings

Gold Celtic Weave Wedding Ring with Rims



What does the Celtic Weave symbolize, and why is it significant in a wedding ring?

The Celtic Weave signifies the interconnectedness of life and eternity, making it an ideal representation of the infinite bond shared between a married couple. This powerful symbol accentuates the deep commitment of a marriage.

What are the different material options for Celtic Weave Wedding Rings?

The Celtic Weave Wedding Rings are available in 10k or 14k yellow or white gold. For customers seeking alternative materials, the rings can also be requested in palladium or platinum.

Are there additional designs and features embedded within the Celtic Weave Wedding Rings?

Yes, some of the rings also integrate other prominent Celtic symbols, such as the Claddagh or the Trinity Knot, giving an added visual depth and extra symbolic meaning to the design.

Are there options for both men and women in the Celtic Weave Wedding Rings collection?

Yes, the collection presents a range of styles and designs suitable for both men and women. The assortment of widths and weights ensures that couples can find a perfect match that reflects their individual tastes and preferences.

Does Claddaghrings.com guarantee the authenticity of the Celtic Weave Wedding Rings?

Absolutely. Every ring is crafted in Dublin and hallmarked by the Irish Assay Office at Dublin Castle, assuring customers of the ring's authenticity, high-quality materials, and superior craftsmanship.

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