Reveal the charm of each month with our Sterling Silver Claddagh Birthstone Rings, where classic design meets the unique appeal of a birthstone. Lovingly handcrafted in Dublin City, each ring is a festivity, a stylish homage to her distinct birth month.

These are more than just rings; they are narratives encased in silver, destined to travel from our store to her home. With a gem representing every month, from January’s garnet to December’s zircon, these Claddagh rings celebrate her uniqueness, mixing tradition with a personal touch.

Eager to highlight her birth month in sterling silver? Select the birthstone that narrates her story and let these Celtic gems commemorate her special day with grace and allure.


What are the Silver Birthstone Claddagh Rings?

Silver Birthstone Claddagh Rings are exquisite handcrafted pieces combining the Claddagh symbol and birthstones. Each ring features this iconic Irish symbol, with hands for friendship, a heart for love, and a crown for loyalty, adorned with a distinct birthstone.

What birthstones are used in these Claddagh rings?

Each Silver Birthstone Claddagh Ring represents a specific birthstone for every month. So, there are 12 different variations, from January's garnet to December's blue topaz, ensuring a personal and meaningful piece of jewelry is available to celebrate every birth month.

What material is used in these rings?

These Claddagh Rings are made of hallmarked sterling silver, ensuring their quality and authenticity.

Can these Silver Birthstone Claddagh Rings be a gift?

Definitely, these rings make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. The personal touch of the wearer's birthstone in combination with the Claddagh symbol is a beautiful and meaningful expression of care and love.

How will my order be delivered, and how much time does it usually take?

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It is important to note that while the company strives to fulfill all orders within 14 days, handcrafted items or custom-made pieces, such as these silver birthstone Claddagh rings, may require up to 21 days for delivery. Please consider this when placing your order.

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