Experience the enchantment of our Silver Claddagh Birthstone Pendants, where each piece is a celebration of heritage and personal charm. Handcrafted with precision and hallmarked sterling silver, these pendants are a symbol of Irish culture, guaranteed to add a touch of Celtic elegance to any ensemble.

Every pendant in our collection is not just a jewel; it’s a journey to Ireland, ready to reach you with free shipping. These treasures are more than accessories; they’re keepsakes that blend the iconic Claddagh symbol with the personal touch of a birthstone.

Ready to carry a piece of Ireland close to your heart? Explore our selection and let a Silver Claddagh Birthstone Pendant be the perfect expression of identity and tradition.


What are the Silver Claddagh Birthstone Pendants?

The Silver Claddagh Birthstone Pendants are a collection of sterling silver pendants, each set with a different birthstone. Each pendant design incorporates the traditional Irish Claddagh symbol—a design that signifies love, friendship, and loyalty.

What birthstones are available in the Silver Claddagh Birthstone Pendant collection?

Claddaghrings.com offers Silver Claddagh Birthstone Pendants for all twelve months of the year — one for each birthstone.

Are the Silver Claddagh Birthstone Pendants handcrafted?

Although the website doesn't explicitly mention if they are handcrafted, Claddaghrings.com generally features jewelry that is handcrafted in Ireland.

Where are these pendants made?

Typically, Claddaghrings.com's products are made in Dublin, Ireland, ensuring authenticity and rich Irish heritage in each piece.

What does the Claddagh symbol represent?

The Claddagh symbol originates from Ireland and represents love, friendship, and loyalty. This symbol is made up of a heart, held by two hands, and a crown on top, each part representing one of these three qualities.

Are these pendants made of authentic sterling silver?

Yes, all the Claddagh Birthstone Pendants are made of authentic hallmarked sterling silver. Before a piece is approved for production, it must pass inspection by the Irish Assay Office, located in Dublin Castle, thereby guaranteeing its purity and quality.