Enhance her finger with a sparkle as unique as her own tale—our Sterling Silver Birthstone Rings are the ideal way to commemorate her personal journey. Envision the joy each month’s gemstone brings, from the deep garnet of January to the icy blue zircon of December, all nestled in the timeless charm of sterling silver or the inviting radiance of gold.

Crafted in Ireland, our Birthstone Claddagh Rings are more than just beautiful; they tell stories of love, friendship, and loyalty. For those born in July, our Silver Claddagh July Birthstone Ring is a perfect harmony of brilliance and heritage.

Explore the meanings behind the Claddagh’s design and learn how each way she wears her ring reveals a different part of her story. Ready to present a piece of magic? Select the birthstone that resonates with her narrative and let these rings be a celebratory anthem for her birthday—and every day that follows.

Claddagh Birthstone Rings & Jewelry

Sparkling Birthstone Claddagh Ring



What types of designs are available for the bracelets and bangles on your site?

Our collection includes a variety of designs, all incorporating Irish and Celtic motifs. Some pieces feature traditional Claddagh symbols, while others incorporate Celtic knots and Connemara Marble.

What materials are used to make these jewelry pieces?

The bracelets and bangles are made from a range of materials, including sterling silver and stainless steel. Some are also combined with leather or adorned with gemstones or precious metals for added luster.

Are all of the bracelets and bangles handmade?

Yes, all of the pieces in our collection are handcrafted and hallmarked in Ireland. This ensures you are buying a piece of authentic Celtic jewelry of the highest quality.

Where are these jewelry pieces hallmarked?

Our jewelry pieces are all hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. This stamp of authenticity guarantees the quality and Irish origin of our bracelets and bangles.

Do these jewelry pieces make appropriate gifts?

Absolutely! The unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship make these pieces ideal gifts for a variety of occasions, or simply as a special treat for yourself.