Delve into the elegance of June Birthstone Knot Necklaces at, where Celtic tradition intertwines with personal significance. Our Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Birthstone Claddagh Necklaces, handcrafted and hallmarked in Ireland, embody both heritage and individuality. Each Celtic Knot Birthstone Necklace, ready to ship, is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. With free worldwide shipping, owning this symbol of Irish artistry is effortless. Embrace your month, wear your story. Shop now for a touch of Celtic charm.


Should a Claddagh Be Gold or Silver?

The choice between gold or silver for a Claddagh depends on personal preference. At, our focus is on Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Birthstone Claddagh Necklaces, showcasing the beauty of silver in Celtic designs.

What is the Celtic Trinity Knot in a Claddagh Ring?

The Celtic Trinity Knot in our Claddagh rings symbolizes eternal life and everlasting love. It's an iconic element in Celtic tradition, adding depth and meaning to the Claddagh's representation of love, loyalty, and friendship.

What is Special About the June Birthstone Knot Necklaces?

The June Birthstone Knot Necklaces are special for their unique combination of the Celtic Trinity Knot and Claddagh design, adorned with a June birthstone. Handcrafted and hallmarked in Ireland, they embody a blend of heritage and personal significance.

Why Choose a June Birthstone Knot Necklace?

Choosing a June Birthstone Knot Necklace is a way to wear a symbol of your personal journey. These necklaces not only reflect individuality but also the rich tradition of Celtic craftsmanship, making them timeless pieces of art.

What are the delivery and shipping options for the Trinity Knot Birthstone Claddagh Necklaces?

We offer free shipping on all jewelry items, including the Trinity Knot Birthstone Claddagh Necklaces, to the United States, Canada, UK, and Ireland.