Blog Introduction

We’ve been around for a while, so long, in fact, that we like to consider ourselves the home of The Claddagh Ring. We were the first Irish jewelry store here in Ireland to get online and start selling Claddagh rings and Celtic jewelry on a website.


When we are not selling Claddagh rings, I like to get out and about around our beautiful country exploring some of our roads less traveled. With the pervasive influence of TV, The Internet, global brands and social media, it appears that the rich character of Ireland and its people is being eroded. People are too distracted or uninterested to appreciate the wealth of their surroundings. Sometimes the most interesting of stories are sitting right in front of us waiting to be told.


Over the coming months, we plan to post a series of blog posts featuring the ‘Forgotten Ireland‘; places that were significant in the past and largely ignored or forgotten by today’s Ireland. Read through our blog posts to learn more about our beautiful country full of heritage, culture and rich history.