Putting some Irish love and culture into your wedding gifts would delight most couples. The challenge remains in selecting the perfect wedding gifts to buy. Centuries ago, Claddagh rings became symbols of showing love, friendship, and loyalty. The name is an old fishing village in Ireland and is known worldwide for its ring with a design of two hands holding a heart. Though popularly offered as a symbol of romantic love, Claddagh’s versatility makes it a perfect gift choice for friends and friends. If you are thinking of a gift for an Irish couple, why not one with a solid Irish tradition? Claddagh wedding gifts come in varying items and worth. So let’s explore a few Claddagh gift ideas that will thrill the bride and groom. 


Pewter Claddagh Unity Wedding Candlestick


Made 100% of Pewter via the old casting method, the Claddagh Unity candlestick is a gift that will symbolize undying love between the couple for years to come. The 9 inch wide timeless piece originated from Ireland from the craftsmanship. Flanking the centerpiece are two smaller candlestick holders. And that center holder is adorned with the famous Claddagh emblem – two hands holding a crowned heart. Whichever part of the house the newly wedded couple chose to place it, the Claddagh Unity Candle Holder adds a distinguished charm to the place. Due to the material used in its production, the gift will keep its radiance for years to come, constantly reminding them of your friendship and loyalty. 


Claddagh Make-up Wedding Bell

A bell plays a role in many wedding traditions. It’s no different in Irish culture. A bell rung signifies the bonding of the couple’s souls as they say their vows. And according to Irish culture, it comes in handy in decisive moments in the union. Usually made from solid brass construction engraved with a Claddagh design, an emblem of love and trust, a makeup bell is a well-appreciated gift item in Ireland. Due to these reasons, buying one for the couple makes an attractive investment in enforcing peace during discord and renewing the loving spirit. 


Pewter Claddagh Jewelry Box

Looking for a perfect Irish gift to present to the bride on her most special day? Why not get her the distinctive medieval-styled jewelry box to keep her precious ornaments safe? Coupled with the antique look and feel, the exceptional craftsmanship is seen in the detailed Celtic knot design finishing. Beautifully engraved on top of the box is the iconic Claddagh emblem. The inside of the jewelry is laid with red felt material to give it an even more luxurious appearance when opened. You may be split between buying a Heart-Shaped frame or the regular box built. Whichever you go for, you can be sure you are presenting a gift the receiver will treasure for a very long time. Besides keeping jewelry, the box can house other valuable items. 


Gold Claddagh Champagne Flutes Pair

A pair of champagne flutes etched with Claddagh makes a great wedding in significance and usefulness. In addition to the symbol of shared love engraved on it, the champagne flute gives the impression of luxury and class. The new couple toasting with the pair of elegant Gold Claddagh Champagne Flutes Pair on their special moments as a result of your forethought is excellent. One of the flutes bears the word “GROOM” and the other “BRIDE“. Depending on the brand, you can as well make a custom order with the couple’s name boldly etched on the flutes. 


Claddagh custom gold plated cufflinks

Give the groom’s dressing more elegance and class on their wedding day with Claddagh cufflinks. A typical Irish cufflink is gold-plated with the iconic Celtic symbol of love and friendship boldly engraved on it. When ordering, you can choose to personalize the gold-plated cufflinks just to them by including their initials or name. Another good thing about gifting the groom Claddagh cufflinks is their versatility. The receiver can wear them for different purposes, including to the office. Essentially, they carry the symbol of your friendship, represented by a well-thought-out gift, in their sleeves everywhere they go. 


Claddagh Pendants & Necklaces


Claddagh necklaces and pendants come in various styles and quality, all with the sign of two hands holding a heart. In some, the heart and crown at the center may be crafted in gemstones. Others are entirely metal coated or filled with either silver or gold. Getting two matching Claddagh necklaces for the couple, especially of Irish origin, creates maximum effect. A gift like a Claddagh necklace and pendants is meant to lift the spirit of love and friendship of the couple you care about. They can wear the necklace on most types of outfits. 



Claddagh Tiffany Lamp


Warm the hearts and light up the home of the newly wedded couple with a Claddagh Tiffany-style lamp. The gorgeous gift boasts a range of cabochons producing stunning effects in a room. With the multi-colored covered glass giving off a combination of hues like red, orange, gold, green, amber, and ivory, it is a gift to make the couple’s night memorable. The 22 inches tall and 16-inch wide glass stand on a distinctively designed base with bronze finishing. If you want to present a gift of Irish heritage that truly stands and continues to make impressions for a long time, you definitely can’t go wrong with the Claddagh Tiffany-styled lamp


Claddagh Earrings

Claddagh Earrings are an obvious choice of gift for the bride. Choosing the best one is where the challenges lie. Though they all have the recognizable Claddagh design of two hands holding a crowned heart in common, the variety of styles available to choose from is almost unlimited. Most Irish ladies, however, love the drop-down Claddagh Earrings since Richard Joyce first crafted one 300 years ago. Most drop and stud earrings are either yellow gold or silver coated. Sometimes, gemstones are added to give extra fascination to the Claddagh emblem engraved on these metals. Combining all these makes Claddagh one of the best gifts you can give to a bride.


Why present a Claddagh gift?

Rarely is a better message of your love, friendship, and affection for someone or a couple of Irish heritage getting married than presenting them with Claddagh wedding gifts. The gesture celebrates the unions and communicates your thoughts, with a backstory included, better than most random gifts. The design, embossed on precious metals like gold and silver, will make an instant impression. Depending on your budget, going for a Claddagh gift with precious stones or that serves a practical purpose will make an impression on the new couple that lasts a lifetime. 

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