There was glorious sunshine this morning in Glendalough for the First Lady’s visit with her daughters to the monastic ruins in the heart of the glacial valley.

Glendalough, in County Wicklow is a monastic city built in 6th century and the second most visited place in Ireland after Killarney in county Kerry.  This historic site, whose Gaelic name translates to valley of the two lakes, consists of the 6th-century monastery founded by St. Kevin and the famous round tower, standing 112 feet high with a base measuring 52 feet in circumference.

Glendalough is a lovely day trip from Dublin

During their visit Michelle and her daughters Malia and Sasha took a walk on the green road which is a beautiful pathway which links the upper and lower lakes and stopped at the deer stone. The deer stone is a hollowed out stone and legend has it that in the 6th century the wife of worker at the monastery died leaving him with twins. According to the legend, St. Kevin prayed over the twins and a wild doe came out of the forest every morning and evening. St. Kevin milked the deer into the deer stone to provide milk for the babies.

Nice day for a walk in the Irish countryside

After the Obamas walked around the round tower, Sasha was given the honor of closing the door to the ruins of St Kevin’s Church, which dates back 1500 years. The teenager was handed a key and she locked the door, before turning to her older sister and giving her a high five.

Michelle and the girls also drove to the upper lake. In order to allow people to experience the monastic life that was once led in Glendalough, a number of beehive cells were built at the upper lake. People can come and get away from their busy lives for a few hours or a few days and walk down to the upper lake at dawn and watch the day coming up over the lake and listen to the bird song.  It was hoped that during her visit Michelle and her daughters might experience the peace that Glendalough has to offer.

We stayed open late on the off chance they would pop by to buy a Claddagh ring, alas no such luck but hopefully the family will be back to visit again soon.


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