Meaningful Irish Gifts 


This year, more than ever, we’re asking deep questions about what matters. Of course, we all want to give Christmas presents that will be enjoyed and appreciated. But this year, we’re acutely aware of how much our loved ones matter to us. For some, it is because our nearest and dearest are the only people we see, and we appreciate how much that support is keeping us going. For others, it is because we can’t see them in person, and we long for a hug and a face-to-face conversation. This year, we’re looking for Christmas presents that are genuinely meaningful. We want gifts that will endure, and even become heirloom pieces we can hand down to the next generation. So what makes a gift that meaningful? Two key components – sentiment and quality.

Sentiment and Symbolism of Celtic Jewelry

Some jewelry is beautiful, while other pieces are rich in meaningful symbolism. For a necklace, ring or pair of earrings to be something your grandchildren would be delighted to have, it must be both. A classic motif rendered with a special flair has enduring beauty.


The Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol with a rich history. The heart held in two hands with a crown above is named for a fishing village in Galway. It’s meaning of love, loyalty and friendship applies to all family relationships, not only romantic ones. So it is something that anyone can give and anyone can wear.



The Trinity Knot with its endless loop of three points is a perfect symbol for the past, present and future.

It represents the three stages of life – youth, maturity and age – as well as the flow of generations – child, parent, grandparent. All are connected by the unbroken line. Celtic knotwork uses a single line that loops infinitely through intricate designs to represent eternity.

The Tree of Life is a celebration of family and our connection to the earth. Trees have traditionally been used to illustrate family connections, and this motif has the added depth of its roots stretching back through centuries of Celtic culture. The tree of life symbol features roots and branches that stretch toward each other, a poignant representation of our desire to connect with our own ancestors.


Confirming the Quality of Irish Jewelry
Heirloom Celtic jewelry is the fusion of powerful symbolism and the highest quality materials and workmanship. By definition, it is a piece that endures beyond one individual’s life without showing significant wear and tear. So the question is how can you assess a new piece of jewelry to tell if it will stand the test of time?

Quality Irish jewelry is hallmarked by the Assay Office to confirm the purity of the metal. The piece will bear three marks, actually. The maker’s mark confirms who made the jewelry. The purity mark shows the parts per thousand of the precious metal used. And of course the Assay Office will include their own mark to confirm the authenticity.

A gift that offers both a heart-touching symbol and a confirmation of its quality will delight her this Christmas and every year that follows. Then it will delight her descendants.


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