The Tree of Life is the ideal symbol for Genealogy. 


Trees are putting on their annual fashion show of brilliant colors and turning heads. Autumn is when we notice trees the most, but their beauty is more enduring than one season.

The ancient Celts held trees in very high regard. Brehon law classed trees into different groups based on their importance, and they issued fines for damaging trees based on what category the tree was in. Trees were sacred and deeply symbolic. And today we understand the science of why they are essential for life. Trees have a symbiotic relationship with humans and animals, absorbing the carbon we exhale and exhaling the oxygen we need.

We talk about our family trees, and the symbolism is also rich. Ancestors are our roots, and parents are the trunk from which siblings grow and branch out. Our roots matter, and we love to see the branches grow and the new buds blossom. One Celtic tree motif seems especially right to symbolize all of this – the ancient Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life isn’t a specific species of tree. You’ll see variations on this design, but the core features are what sets it apart from other tree motifs. The Tree of Life has a strong trunk encircled by roots that expand out and upwards to meet the branches curving down from the tree’s crown. Each element of the design speaks to us about the meaning of family and heritage. It is a stunning, gorgeous design, but it is so much more than just pretty. The Tree of Life is a motif with a message.



What Does the Celtic Tree of Life Symbol Mean?

That circle reminds of us the infinite nature of families. We go on and on from ancient times endlessly, which individuals passing through the different stages of life from infancy to old age. The ancient Celtic people understood that all life is connected, and this powerful symbol carries that message clearly. Each generation is connected to and influences the others.

The roots stretch up, visible, reminding us that they are essential. We might not see a tree’s roots as we walk through the woods, but without them we wouldn’t have the trees at all. The roots nurture the entire tree. They might be distant from the fresh new buds, but they are the source of them all the same.

The branches grow up and out seeking the sun, but then they curve back down. They reach toward their roots to connect with every part of the tree, not just the trunk or the larger branch they grew from. The roots stretch up not in vain seeking but to meet the branches reaching to find them. While the Tree of Life has many distinct branches, they are all connected by the trunk and all nurtured by the roots.

This is the perfect symbol to celebrate your own family tree, whether you want to wear it yourself or give it to a beloved relative or a friend who embraces their heritage. Combined with the intricate and delicate DNA symbol, it makes a powerful statement about family and heritage.

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