Ogham Jewelry

We have been selling popular Ogham Jewelry online for over twenty-five years. Based on the ancient Celtic alphabet engravings, here we present our most timeless and elegant designs from our silver and gold Ogham range.

Ogham Jewelry

Ogham jewelry reflects the earliest days of Celtic civilization. Long before Irish and Scottish monks began work on the Book of Kells, the Celts were carving inscriptions on standing stones using Ogham – an ancient form of writing. They used the elaborate alphabet of crossed lines on stones or wood to declare who ruled the territory and commemorate leaders. Each character is named for a plant, reminding us of our ancestors’ devotion to nature.

Hundreds of these monuments still stand. County Cork has the largest collection of ogham standing stones, but they have been found throughout Ireland and Scotland.

Today, Ogham jewelry features words such as ‘love’, ‘faith’, ‘strength’, ‘hope’ and ‘family’. It declares the values that rule our hearts. Short and powerful, these statements are a compelling gift for a loved one. They are a beautiful way to remind someone of what you see and value in them and what you wish for them.

When you want to wear a connection to your deepest roots, something that embraces your past as well as your future, Ogham jewelry is perfect. Necklaces and pendants feature various Celtic symbols such as Trinity knots, Claddagh, Tri Spirals and some are engraved with a DNA double helix, they remind of us how enduring our links to family and history are.