Ladies Sterling Silver Birthstone Claddagh Ring- September

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September birthday babies will love this sterling silver Claddagh band featuring a heart-shaped synthetic sapphire. Measuring 10 mm from bottom of the heart to the tip of the crown, this ring is available in ladies’ half sizes from 3 – 9.5. See how you can wear this classic Claddagh ring to show if you’re single or attached.

The sapphire symbolizes sincerity, truth, and faithfulness. It may also be seen as symbolizing divine favor. In legends, royalty thought sapphires would keep them from envy and harm. In a beautiful metaphor, Persians believed that the Earth was resting on a big blue sapphire and was reflected in the sky. Finally, some stories say that the Ten Commandments were carved into tablets created out of sapphire. As you can see, September babies, sapphires exhibit many powers. September birthday ladies are indeed lucky to have such a stunning stone as their birth symbol.

Classic traditional Claddagh design measures 10mm from top of crown to tip of heart. Handmade and hallmarked in Ireland.