The Book of Kells was written in medieval Ireland over 1,200 years ago, about 800AD. It took about 75 years to complete. The book contains the four Gospels written in Latin by the Columban monks. It may have been partially written in Iona, Scotland before the monks took refuge in a monastery in the village of Kells, Co Meath.


Intricate detail from The Book of Kells.

The Book of Kells is Ireland’s most precious medieval artifact, and is widely considered to be the finest surviving illuminated manuscript written in medieval Europe. The 680 calf skin pages contain colored representations of fanciful beings, or of men, animals and grotesque, gargoyle-like human figures, twisted and hooked together in intricate detail. There are whole ‘carpet’ pages of decoration and pages which are partially decorated with a line of text. When examined under a powerful magnifying glass it is found to be, even in the most minute and complicated figures, without a single false or irregular line.

Stunning Celtic Knot design evocative of the Book of Kells Celtic knotwork.

The book represents the finest example of Celtic Christian art. The intricate Celtic knot work having evolved to an elaborate art form from the stone carvings created by our earliest Celtic ancestors and found at megalithic sites found throughout Ireland.

Trinity College Library, Dublin.


The Book of Kells can be viewed at the Old Library in Trinity College, Dublin. It attracts over half a million visitors a year and is a ‘must see’ for any visitor to Dublin. Our workshop is just a few minutes walk from Trinity College where you can view our great selection of Celtic knot wedding rings.