Yellow Gold Claddagh Rings

Yellow gold Claddaghs were traditionally used as wedding rings in the West of Ireland. In more recent times, Claddagh jewelery has become known across the globe as a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. Our selection of gold Claddagh bands has something for most budgets and you will be in possession of a classic piece of jewelry.

Making a Statement!

Claddagh rings are timeless and the yellow gold version is very much the original symbolic piece. Your jewelry will stand out for the classic piece that it is. These bands are often used to mark momentous occasions such as marriages and weddings. But many people who wear the yellow gold rings do so just as a fashion statement; there are no rules with the Claddagh ring.


Best Seller Claddagh Rings

Classic Ladies Gold Claddagh Ring


Yellow Gold Claddagh Rings

Ladies Yellow Gold Heavy Claddagh Ring


Yellow Gold Claddagh Rings

Yellow Gold Ladies Claddagh Ring


Wearing Your Gold Claddagh Band

If you wear your ring on your right hand with the crown turned inwards, you are letting the world know that your heart is yet unoccupied. If you wear your band on your right hand with the crown turned outwards, you are making it clear that you are considering a love interest and are unavailable in modern terms. However, if you wear the ring on your left hand with the crown turned outwards, it tells the world that two loves have become one. This is a wonderful statement made by wearing a piece of distinct Irish jewelry known for its unique history and heritage. By choosing an Irish gold ring and specifically a Claddagh, you are selecting a special item that will certainly add something unique and different to any jewelry collection. Browse our lovely selection of rings below now!